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Experto Credite - A View from Big i Consulting

Recently on Linked In I have noticed a number of references to a Richard Branson Quote, which I have been giving some thought to.

Branson Quote

Generally I am a great believer in grabbing opportunities, stretching yourself and striving for greater and better things. To coin a somewhat overused phrase, getting outside your comfort zone helps you grow and deliver performance. I have had many opportunities to do exactly that when in full time employment with the support of the organization. The benefits to me personally and to the organization have been significant. However, when you hire an expert, you need an expert!

Choosing the Right Expert

So what is it that makes an expert?

  • Experience: In the areas you need help with, the methodologies you are using, the choice of products.
  • Ability: Detailed understanding, problem solving, analytical abilities.
  • People skills: Listening, influencing, coaching, organisation.
  • Planning: Managing complexity, removing roadblocks, tracking, flexibility.
  • Risks: Identifying, analysing, managing, mitigating.
    “Experto Credite

     - Virgil

    “Believe in the one who knows from experience.

Or more simply, trust the expert.

Learning on the Job

When you engage an expert, there will always be an element of learning by the expert. If that wasn’t the case you wouldn’t get a tailored solution for your needs. But do you really want to engage an expert who is going to use your requirement to learn a new skill set?

What Should You Look For?

Make sure you spend time discussing your requirements with anyone you are considering engaging. Ensure you get a good understanding of what they can deliver.

  • Can they demonstrate an immediate grasp of your requirements?
  • Have they got examples of similar solutions they have delivered?
  • Are they honest enough to mention the areas they don’t have enough information to offer advice immediately?
  • Can you work with them?

Cultural Fit

Although cultural fit is not as critical as a permanent addition to your team, it is important that your chosen expert will fit in with the team. What soft skills will be needed? Do you have any sensitivities within your organisation or with individuals? As well as obvious expertise you will need someone who can communicate recommendations, or deliver any change in a way that generates empathy within your organisation.

Engage in Stages

There will be natural stages in your relationships with experts, and you would be well advised to ensure your engagement has the option to end at these natural breakpoints. An ethical approach from the expert could involve a detailed analysis phase, followed by an agreement that a different skill set is required. Typical phases to examine are:

  • Initial brief analysis.
  • A full analysis with written report.
  • A planning phase.
  • Implementation phase(s).
  • Closure and handover.

What Can Big i Deliver for You?

  • An honest evaluation of your requirements and our ability to deliver them.
  • A full day’s detailed evaluation at no cost or obligation.
  • Practical advice, clearly communicated.
  • Ethical business relationships.
  • A commitment to delivering your needs.

With over 25 years experience in retail systems, ERP, e-commerce, logistics and supply chain Stephen Milner has implemented numerous systems delivering significant business benefits.