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A mixture of recent work perfomed, discussion points and other useful information.

Current Trends in ERP Implementation Part 2 - An Analysis from Big i Consulting

Waterfall vs Agile

Part 1 examined the move towards agile methodologies in ERP implementation and discussed the issues resulting and a review of costs and business benefits

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Current Trends in ERP Implementation Part 1 - An Analysis from Big i Consulting

Current trends in ERP implementation methodologies have some important considerations for businesses who are taking this important step. Although each ERP has its own methodologies they are increasingly converging in their route to delivery, with differing names describing similar methodologies.

These methodologies have implications that senior business managers need to consider during the initial phase of the project, before the ERP or implementation partner (or systems integrator depending on your terminology) is chosen.

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Experto Credite - A View from Big i Consulting

Recently on Linked In I have noticed a number of references to a Richard Branson Quote, which I have been giving some thought to.

Generally I am a great believer in grabbing opportunities, stretching yourself and striving for greater and better things.

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Project Recovery - Big i Consulting

Anecdotally a growing number of major ERP projects are failing and requiring intervention to put them back on track.

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Project Recovery in the Real World - Big i Consulting

I have, for the past few months, been engaged in a major MS Dynamics AX 2012 ERP project recovery and I would like to compare and contrast the experiences I have gained with the theoretical article I wrote some time ago.

Big i Consulting is currently (March 2014) providing integration services for a major European business,

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ERP Scoping Project - Big i Consulting and Poundworld Retail Ltd.

Scoping for any project, especially a major ERP project, is a critical early stage activity, and should be done prior to any engagement with vendors.

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Choosing a System for your Retail Business - Big i Consulting

The choice of systems for a retail business can often be more complex than first realised, and without careful thought a poor choice can have a negative impact in the retail environment.

The most important question I would encourage every business to answer is “why are we doing this?” The answer to this question should be the guide used to judge the suitability of any systems under review.

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