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ERP Scoping Project - Big i Consulting and Poundworld Retail Ltd.

Scoping for any project, especially a major ERP project, is a critical early stage activity, and should be done prior to any engagement with vendors.

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The scoping document produced will provide the detailed requirements for any system to meet, and should be shared at an early stage with vendors to allow for a formal response. This would detail the proposed system's closeness of fit to the requirements, and provide a reference document for the future stages of the project.

Poundworld Retail Ltd

Initial Discussion

Following an initial contact, Big I visited the main offices of Poundworld Retail Ltd. for a discussion to understand a little more about their requirements. They had come to a decision several months ago that they needed a new system and Poundworld had decided that MS Dynamics AX 2012 POS was what they needed for the business. They had not managed to gain enough confidence to choose and move forward with an implementation partner and it was proposed that Big I deliver a scoping document and assist with partner selection

Scoping Document

Each department of the business was visited and an understanding of their current problems and future requirements were documented. Store visits were performed and a formal scoping document was prepared. The document was broken down into a top level scoping document and subordinate scoping documents for each of the departments or functional areas visited.

A check was made back with the relevant individuals that the document accurately reflected their needs and problems before final board presentation

Partner Selection

Following the board presentation discussions were held with the implementation partners that Poundworld had approached previously; they were invited to present their formal response to the Scoping Document and to bring key members of the implementation team to meet with the Poundworld senior management. Initial costing proposals were discussed. At this stage Poundworld felt they had the confidence to make a decision and progressed to the next stage with their chosen partner.

At the time of writing (Jan 2013) Poundworld Retail Ltd. encompasses 3 brands, Poundworld, Discount UK and ITP Imports. They have over 180 stores and plans for another 200 over the next 5 years

Other Benefits

A good scoping exercise could reveal opportunities to improve your business processes during the exercise, especially if performed by someone with business process engineering skills. You should expect some changes to your business processes during the implementation of an ERP system regardless, but early changes to identified processes can deliver business benefit immediately.

Who Should Perform the Exercise?

Someone suitable skilled, already within the business, could perform the scoping exercise, but dedicating the time and attention required while juggling their day to day responsibilities may prove difficult. Choosing a suitable consultant, however, will ensure 100% focus on the exercise and will bring the benefits of wider experience of other businesses and as a short-term exercise prove cost effective.

    “If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

     - Red Adair

With over 25 years experience in retail systems, ERP, e-commerce, logistics and supply chain Stephen Milner has implemented numerous systems delivering significant business benefits.